Reader Comments

Since I wrote my first book, Growing Up in Mama’s Club, I have received hundreds of heart-warming emails, letters and calls thanking me for sharing my story. After I published the book’s sequel in May, 2012 those kinds of responses have increased significantly. In fact, my webmaster has arranged for me to share many of these messages as I receive them, allowing other readers to easily enjoy and respond to them.

In the meantime, I want to share the following inspirational comments from remarkable people who took the time to share their thoughts after they read  my books Growing Up in Mama’s Club and Ghosts from Mama’s Club.

The following writers have given me their kind permission (and in some cases they’ve urged me) to reprint their personal stories and commentaries here.

[Please note: Articles may include some minor edits, but only for spelling and punctuation. Please click on the links below to go to each page.]

Lew Tankard, Australia (June 2012)

Elaine Dawson, Ohio (June 2012)

Brad Jarrett, Illinois (June 2012)