Modern-Day Truth-Seeking Internet Vigilantes

The Internet Vigilantes

My mother believes she found the truth when one of Jehovah’s Witnesses knocked on her door, thinking that that knock and the subsequent message was God’s response to her prayers. Unfortunately for her, I could never believe that intellectual certainty about God, life-after-death and how to please God—the truth—was within the reach of any human being. My mantra was that it’s cool to look for the truth, but to avoid people who find it. Faith and reality are two totally different experiences.

My beliefs about Mama’s truth have put me at odds with her and other JW family members and I’m shunned because of that. However, I’m not alone. I am a member of an active, conscientious group of people, modern-day vigilantes, who are using the internet to make people aware of the dangers of  “JW truth” like shunning. Our goal is to take the Watchtower Society to task for its bad information and unjust policies, especially those related toward women and children. [Read more...]