Ghosts from Mama’s Club

Richard E. Kelly’s latest book, The Ghosts from Mama’s Club, has just been released. Copies are available at in popular paperback (208 pages; $16.95) and as a Kindle downloadable e-book($9.95).

Kelly promised a sequel to his 2008 autobiography, Growing Up in Mama’s Club, a vivid description of the first twenty years of his life as a reluctant Jehovah’s Witness. Ghosts covers the next forty-plus years, starting with his last few weeks in New York as a Bethel volunteer.

Readers of Growing up in Mama’s Club were almost unanimous in their praise for its honesty and revealing recollections of “Dickie’s” early life. On the other hand, most agreed that he left them wanting more; they wanted more stories about his life during and after his months at Bethel. They wanted him to share more insider secrets about the leaders of the Watchtower Society, and how he survived after leaving the organization. For many readers it seemed that he’d ended his book prematurely, leaving them hanging. Everyone wanted to know what happened to “Dickie”?

Kelly dedicates Ghosts (as he did his first book) to his late sister, Marilyn. While their lives took much different paths, she also suffered the after-effects of her Jehovah’s Witness childhood. Kelly describes the events that finally led to her life ending tragically and needlessly.

Kelly uses a running theme about how ever-present “ghosts” hang around to affect your thinking, your decisions, and your relationships for years after you leave a cult religion. Kelly admits that residue from these “ghosts” still affect the lives of many of his family members and even his own to some extent.

Kelly and his wife, Helen, are retired and live near Tucson, Arizona. They write, travel, and enjoy regular visits with family and a multitude of friends. He looks forward to reading your comments and reviews.

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