A Reading Group Discussion Guide

A Reading Group Discussion Guide for Growing Up In Mama’s Club is now available at the bottom of the Home and Biography pages of the www.richardekelly.com website. There is a “page view” version that can easily be seen on any computer and is searchable by Google and Yahoo. There is also a PDF version for quick printing. Actually both are printable in most cases.  But if your printer gives you problems, you can use the PDF version. If you don’t have Acrobat Reader, then you can use the page view version.

Question 12 on the Guide asks the readers, “Do you believe that only unintelligent people are attracted to the Club? Why do you feel this way?” It was this question that generated a long, interesting discussion at one of the Book Clubs that I met with in October. How would you respond to these questions?

One young woman told me rather spiritedly that before she read the book, she always thought Jehovah’s Witnesses weren’t very smart. Then after getting to know Mama, she had changed her mind. It wasn’t that these people didn’t have good minds. Its that they consciously chose not to use their thinking skills, abdicating instead to have someone else make those decisions. She thought it was a little scary, reminding her how important it was to be able to question what she was told by the leaders of the church she attended without being made to feel guilty.

After reviewing the Reading Group Guide, I would be very interested in knowing your suggestions for making the Guide as user friendly as possible. What would you add, delete, or change? You can respond to me in this blog or by emailing me at parkerridgepubs@aol.com.

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