A Pleasant Diversion

I love to write and tell stories, and much prefer that over marketing. However, my book, Growing Up In Mama’s Club, is not able to sell itself. And so, for the last few weeks, I’ve spent most of my time promoting my book, and not writing, to a variety of new market niches.  A very daunting task for me.

Thank heavens for pleasant diversions. And I have two of them. I try to walk at least four miles a day and I play bridge on Wednesday and Thursday while I’m in Grand Rapids.  While the bidding and play of the cards can be challenging, one of the best parts of the experience is the neat people you meet. What an interesting dichotomy of retired teachers, lawyers, accountants, bankers, housewives, etc. One of those special persons is Annette Vogelsang. She was an excellent school teacher in her previous life, or at least that’s what I’ve been told, and brings that “I’m in charge!” attitude when she directs or makes chit chat before and after playing bridge with her. While some members may be intimidated, I like her a lot. She is a caring person who tries her best to make the bridge experience something positive for new players and folks like me who need a healthy diversion. And Annette loves to read. Her eyes light up and her face sparkles when she starts talking about a good book she’s just read. As an author, I love seeing and feeling her positive energy. In fact, it’s Annette’s animated, enthusiastic demeanor that I visualize when I’m hard at work marketing and promoting Mama’s Club. Annette is my “poster child image” for how I want people to react after reading my book. Good visualization of a happy reader is a must for any new author who believes they can write well and tell compelling stories. 

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