What About Bob?

I have received several emails requesting that I give you an up date on how Bob is doing. And so, here is the following report:

Bob is still living at the Tucson home and telephone calls, greeting cards, and personal visits at the house are greatly appreciated. For those that have called on the phone, if Bob doesn’t answer, you will go into a voice message that Diane updates every three to four days with news about Darrell. Diane makes certain that Bob listens to her creating these messages, and while it is painful, it helps him to hear his and Darrell’s reality.

Bob’s short-term memory is not very good. He will be going to a doctor with Diane next week, and a decision will be made on whether he should be moved to an assisted living facility. This will be his second visit with Diane to this particular doctor. On their first visit several weeks ago, he protested vehemently, before Diane could budge him out of the car. When the doctor finally talked with him, Bob explained that he was meeting with her under protest. He did admit that he had been diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s disease in Pittsburgh, stressing “early.” Diane’s assessment is that it is “stage two.”

Bob has relied on Diane and Marlene for his meals, and without their coaxing, he does little to nothing at the house.

Bob gets to see Darrell almost every day, but without any conversation, it is difficult for him emotionally. Bob has relied on Darrell for quite some time, and without him, he is lost. However, I know with all my heart that Bob would not want your sympathy. On one particular telephone conversation he had with Bliss, (she initiated the call) it brought him great joy to reminisce a special moment that he, Darrell, Bill, and Bliss shared at their home in Nova Scotia. Bob’s long-term memory can be astounding and his laughter is still very contagious.

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