Two Weeks & Counting

This is day fourteen for Darrell’s stay in the hospital and it was by far his best. While he has a ways to go before he can go to rehab at a half-way house, he appears to be on the mend.
Last night he spent the evening with Marlene and Bob, and during the course of their stay, Darrell devoured his dinner of beef stew. He knows it would have gone much better with a dark red cabernet sauvignon from the Russian River Valley of Sonoma county, preferably a 2004, but that will have to wait.
I wasn’t able to visit Darrell today, but Marlene and Bob spent the early afternoon with him. Marlene reported to my wife, Helen, that Darrell was in good spirits, and while they were there, he sat up in a nearby chair. She said that Darrell’s appetite is now ravenous, which is a good sign.
Plans are for Darrell to start a special rehab in the hospital tomorrow. What is absolutely necessary to his full rehabilitation is for him to start walking. I will report his progress tomorrow.
And yes Ernie, your advice has been duly noted. Darrell’s friends here in Tucson plan to administer tough love when it comes to pushing him to get his legs a moving. And I’m a bit curious. Does anyone else think that Darrell can be head-strong at times? Oh I guess Mur did say something about Darrell being an impatient patient. Okay, so he’s not perfect. But he’s damn good at nurturing friendships.


  1. Ken says:

    Thanks again Dick for the daily postings. Has the blood loss situation been resolved??

  2. Mary Ann says:

    Hello Dick and Helen Thanks for your updates, friendship and for caring.

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