Two Updates on Darrell & Bob from Diane

Yesterday and today I received email updates on the status of both Darrell and Bob. In the order in which I received them, they are as follows:

Hi Dick (May 12);

Wait to write another Blog. Marlene called this evening to say how overwhelmed she was when seeing Darrell today….she said he was alert, tracking with his eyes, cracking a smile, and had movement in his right hand.

As unbelievable as it sounds….I will wait until I see him tomorrow before I get excited.

Who can figure….I’ll call as soon as I have a scoop. Take care…Diane

Dear Dick (May 13),

My reporting skills haven’t gone haywire; but Mr. Darrell is once again surprising everyone. He had another unit of blood on Sunday…. yesterday and this morning showed total alertness, tracking with his eyes, mustering up a smile with that twinkle in his eye. I told him he was driving us crazy and better get his butt in gear about getting better.

Then this afternoon when Marlene visited him, he was barely awake.

From the tests they are running, I think they are still trying to figure out if he is bleeding internally some where.

Darrell did let me do Range of Motion exercises with his arms and legs.

Some one asked….”what about Bob?” You can imagine how he is suffering to see Darrell….as well as the mental roller coaster he is coping with. Darrell was home manager, cook and planner–not only socially but for day to day things. The house is now very quiet, and Bob doesn’t even want to fuss with cooking. I can see that he is dropping weight. Marlene, Mary Ann and I are trying to see that he has a few good meals a week. I would encourage neighbors and friends to perhaps take Bob an easy to reheat, or eat it cold dish. Bob loves pasta in any way, shape, or form. The cold noodle dishes are easy.
His other love is soup….and like most of us Chocolate.

While he gets very tearful talking on the phone, leaving a message of cheer would be appreciated, I don’t think he would call you back nothing personal is meant…. it is so very hard.

Both the guys are in our hearts…it is truly amazing how many they have touched.

Until next update; we hold them dear. Diane


  1. Ken says:

    Thanks for a bit of good news. I hope it continues. Sorry I can’t be there to offer my
    help. I’m still amazed that the medics can’t figure out what is going on. I deeply regret
    noy encouraging Darrell to come back to Pittsburgh for the surgery. My love to you all who care and are caring dor Darrell and Bob.

    Sincerely, Ken Carion

  2. Bliss says:

    Dear Diane
    Thank you for your updates and especially for your love and care of both “our boys of summer”. As you can imagine, it is difficult to be so far away and only able to send messages of care and love.
    They have both been so much a part of Bill’s and my life since their first day here in Nova Scotia. It just won’t seem right to not be invited down to Salty Dog for lobster!
    Or to join them at Pasta Jax or to have them to our place for a meal.
    These ups and downs of Darrell’s are so draining for us here but have to be even harder for you to experience first hand.
    Just keep giving both Darrell and Bob our love. Tell Darrell that the lobster boats are running and there is a lobster with his name on it waiting for him!
    Thanks Diane!
    Love Bliss

  3. Ron & Kathi says:

    Thanks so much for keeping us posted on both of their conditions. We have known them for some 25 years now and had lots of fun with them as well over the years in Tuscon and Pgh.. We check every day for the good or the worst of it.

    To sit in a restuarent and listen to a story that Darrell is telling and coming out of there hurting in the belly because you laughted so hard is a wonderful thing. He and Bob have touched all of our lives in ways that you can’t explain in words it just comes from knowing them both, understanding them, and simply enjoying their company when you are with them.

    Our prayers and thoughts are with them always no matter where we are.

    Hopefully you will keep the good news coming, God willing!

    Ron & Kathi

  4. Carol says:

    Thank you so much for the regular updates. It shows how much you care and touches many who would otherwise not know daily what is happening with Darrell and Bob.
    The time of year is approaching when we in Nova Scotia would be awaiting the return of our good friends and hearing again of the feelings they experience when first they crest the hill and view the Bay. At this point we do not know if this is forever a memory, not to be again….also the friendly chats as we wander through the Annapolis Market, the leisurely dinners at Sand Lake or by the Bay, enjoying great cuisine and wines as well as the sharing of animated discussions on politics.
    Our thoughts are with Bob and Darrell daily…with Darrell for his constant fight for improved health, and with Bob in the hope that our caring will give him the strength to deal with his own feelings and well-being as well as to provide the support that Darrell desperately needs.
    Please give them both a hug for us……..Carol and Gene

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