The Evening of Day Eleven

When Bob and Diane left Darrell’s room yesterday afternoon, Darrell was doing well. Plans were for him to have an endoscopy in the evening to see if the doctors could determine what was causing Darrell’s internal bleeding. I will visit Darrell today and report what I hope was delaying the natural healing process.
The doctors did tell us that after they resolve Darrell’s internal bleeding, he will spend three weeks rehabilitating in a special half-way house. Diane tells me that it is a very charming facility. He will be spoiled silly and may not want to leave. Meals are served in a Victorian appointed dining room with table cloths and fine china dishware.
Bob continues to struggle without Darrell but is doing surprisingly well. However, without the daily help that Diane Davies, Mary Ann Cram, and my wife, Helen Kelly, provide him, life would be very difficult. We are now checking into the possibilites of Bob getting professional help. It also might work out to have Bob stay in another section of the half-way house that Darrell will be staying when he is ready to leave the hospital.


  1. Ken says:

    Thanks again Dick for the updates. Hope the medics soon solve the mysterious internal
    bleeding. Hard to imagine they have NO idea whatsoever. I have feared the Bob might
    be struggling but can’t do much from here.I’m not sure if it would be a good idea to call him very often. Darrell is concerned ,I’m sure, about Bob and that is not helpful either.

  2. Laurene Fabec says:

    Dick: Thanks so much for the update. I truly hope they find the problem with the internal bleeding. I sure wish there was something I could do for them. Please give Darrell and Bob my love. I will say a few extra prayers for them.
    Thanks for taking the time to keep all of us updated. It is so appreciated.

  3. Cuz Marchia says:

    I truly appreciate being able to be kept up with things,
    I like to focus my prayers. I’m not very internet-minded
    but I think this will work. Tickle Bob for me, and say hi
    to my ornery cuz… Is this DIane his sister or another

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