Rosanne’s Reflections

Several days before Darrell passed away, Rosanne shared the following thoughts with me:

Darrell has touched countless lives, this is a fact.

Always generous, like the stunning bouquets which graced Darrell & Bob’s Nova Scotian home, arranged with love from the bounty of the wilds by Mary Ann
during her visit with dear Miriam.

His friendships are rich like Ken’s pies, warm as was Bill’s choice of appetizer. His spirit, always adventuresome, as the hike taken with Marlene and Don through the vault to The Bay.

These past few weeks, looking out towards the bay, which he and Bob love, watching the sunsets, it is hard not to think of Darrell, who believes, just before the sun dips below the horizon, his mother is sending him a kiss.

Love to all~
Rosanne & Murray and many purrs from our tribe

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