Reflections from Jim

Thinking about Darrell

A warp and woof is what he owns, this finite wisp a woven rhyme;
This fabric life we chance to share, we weave -
And the product, Him . . .He’s shaped and formed ’til all is milled,
Made strong and fast,
No simple feat.

And a fire burns within his heart, a yearning deep.
Of love I speak, creative urge
And then one day he sees the beam of other light,
Another star and reaches for its beckoning,
However far.


  1. Bliss says:

    Please keep this blog going for awhile yet. It seems to be a way of keeping the “love line” open. Just another way to keep close to Darrell and now to Bob.
    I am still struggling with Darrell’s passing and want so much to have the phone ring and hear a voice say “hello darlin’ “. I will miss that terribly.
    I have called as many of Darrell and Bob’s friends as possible and advised them of Darrell’s passing – a major shock to those who were not aware of his operation. I have told them that Rosanne and I are hoping to put together a “Celebration of Darrell’s life” later on when most of the “summer folk” are back. We hope to have it at Salty Dog, the home that Darrell and Bob loved to come to in the summer. We will let people know as soon as we have a date.
    In the mean time I have talked to Bob and was pleased with the call and told him we hope very much that he will come up this summer for a rest. We will all help out in what ever way we can.
    Love Bliss

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