Not the Best of News for Darrell

I apologize for not writing a Blog on Darrell’s status for the last few days. My wife and I were in transit from Houston to Grand Rapids on Monday and Tuesday, and when we arrived home, my computer did not work. It was fixed an hour ago and I am prepared to give you the latest scoop on Darrell, although it is not good.
On Sunday, shortly before Darrell was admitted back into Intensive Care, he had a lively conversation with his sister, Marlene. But he has not talked since then, as he has been on life support and flat on his back. When Marlene visited with him yesterday, he did open his eyes, look around the room, and go back to sleep.
Darrell is gravely ill. While his heart appears to be doing well, it is the infection he acquired while in the hospital that is the doctor’s biggest concern.

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