Not Good News From Diane

Dear Helen and Dick, and caring Darrell compadres,

How can one paint a rosy picture when findings are so bleak??
Darrell, today, presents one of the worst spaces I have seen him in.

When we arrived, his hands and feet were so cold we were able to sense this through our gloves required by isolation. Darrell was mostly unresponsive and the nurse said he spiked a 102 temperature during the night, and they restarted antibiotics,

I tried to move his left arm and noted he had significant shaking throughout his body.

We waited and waited for hours to talk to the doctor and at 5:15 decided tomorrow would be another day.

During out last visit of the day to Darrell, we noted his pillow was saturated with sweat, and his hand and feet were burning up…..another high fever.

Gosh our guy is fighting….my questions is: where is fairness? If he returns, how will he be?? Will we be the friends in duress that we are in good times? I fear what lies ahead is as equal a battle as staying alive on life support.

Please reflect friends, on what you need to do during the rest of your life… who do you need to touch, what becomes no longer important when you are clinging so tenaciously to life.
Like Darrell, we might neglect the obvious….and after all, life is so very, very fragile.
Love to All, Diane & Larry


  1. Bliss says:

    What can one say that hasn’t already been said or thought.
    After the last blog we were so hopeful that the long road to recovery had started.
    The weather outside here is overcast, cold and rather miserable. Now after reading the latest blog entry that cold, uncomfortable feeling has invaded the house. Our candle still burns and our thoughts are with Darrell and Bob constantly. One doesn’t know now quite what to hope for now.
    Just be sure to convey to them both how much they are loved.

  2. Ernie says:

    My heart is broken to hear that my good friend is so sick. I pray for him everyday. How is Bob doing? No one has mention him?? Please let me know.


  3. Bob Rogers says:

    Thank you Dick and Helen for hosting this exchange about two people we knew but briefly, but felt an immediate connection. I so wish we had met them years before.

    Dick and Helen’s spiritual connection with Darrell and Bob has always been a tribute to, and result of, their own spiritual depth.

    Our thoughts are with all those who care.

    Bob and Claire Roges

  4. Jim says:

    To Darrell

    a warp and woof is what he owns, this finite wisp a woven rhyme;
    This fabric life we chance to share, we weave -

    And the product, Him…He’s shaped and formed ’til all is milled,
    Made strong and fast,
    No simple feat.

    And a fire burns within his heart, a yearning deep.
    Of love I speak, creative urge

    And then one day he sees the beam of other light,
    Another Star and reaches for its beckoning,

    However far.

  5. Art & Sue says:

    Dear Bob & Darrell,
    We were so saddened to receive the unhappy news of Darrell from Dick. Both of you are in our thoughts and hearts here in the Burgh. We’re rooting for a strong comeback.
    Art & Sue

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