My Daughter Kim

My daughter, Kim, celebrated her 40th year of life, and bringing joy to her mother and me, on July 6, 2007. It was a special day for Kim, and she received her fair share of birthday gifts and greetings. However, I suspect that the most long lasting and touching gift of all will be a poem she received from Michele DeVoe Lussky. Addressed “For Kim:” it reads:

“Indiana walks – forest talks and the trees

don’t only whisper the secrets

so do you in your laugh in your gait in your stride and your wide

open heart

opens to it all

Striding into the depths you ease me

release me, you are my


Now the gatherings, breaking

bread and barriers

-and life is so limitless to you, I get caught up and am


It isn’t the wine.

When did I find you or you find me and that joy between us

and so many more?

When did you become so

much more?

To me.

We work together

for others

for us

for each other

and play together

perhaps forever.

The honesty, integrity, reality of you, Kim, enchants me, lifts me, heartens me. You are a wonderful friend. Thank you for being born!

With Love,


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