Miracles Do Happen

Diane sent me the following email today:

“Hi Dick, Sat. 5/3; an update for your blog. Darrell, much to all of our surprise has rallied, although still in Intensive Care. He is now awake and responsive. Despite having had small strokes on both right and left sides; is able to move all four extremities.

On Friday the NG feeding tube was replaced with a feeding tube thread directly into the stomach. At this current time 11:24 am MST he is in surgery receiving a trach so that all the ventilator hosing can go directly into the trach hole. This will allow more healing to occur, more comfort and lessen the infection rate.

I asked Darrell to push my hand away from his feet; and he did so.

It seems like the plan unfolding is to get Darrell’s blood chemistry in better shape and transfer him from TMC’s ICU to another long term Critical care Hospital called Carondelet Cornerstone. Marlene and I toured it. The facility is a 34 bed hospital specifically designed to take ventilator patients and bring them around to more strength and wellness to get off the ventilator and begin therapy.

He will be there about a month before he would be ready for a higher level of Rehab at another facility.

I believe all the positive energy and prayers directed his way have helped what I perceive as a miracle. Thank people and ask them to continue.

Enjoy the day….the week-end, life. Take Care, Diane”


  1. Kara says:

    Thank you Richard and Diane for keeping us updated. I feel so helpless in this situation but am very glad that Diane is there and knows what to do.

    It sounds like a long, rough road ahead for Darrell but knowing him, I believe that he can come out of this.

    I am wondering how Bob is. Please tell him I am thinking of them and sending strength continuously. Is he able to talk on the phone? Does he care to?

    PLEASE let me know if there is anything I can do.


  2. Ken says:

    Thanks for a bit of good news, lets pray for continued progress for Darrell and Bob.

  3. The Kearnes Family says:

    Thank you for this update. We extend a family hug surrounding both Bob and Darrell during this time. We continue to hold them in the light. Celebrate each and every moment of life!

    With all our love,

    Bruce, Wendy, Matt and Ali


  4. Paula Dallas says:


  5. Bill says:

    This good news about Darrell indeed. Let’s hope it’s upward and onward from now on. We’ll keep the candles burning…we have a good supply on hand.
    This morning it is so calm and peaceful on Sand Lake. The Evening Grossbeeks and Gold Finches were at the feeders for the first time this season, sharing with the Mourning Doves. And, a pretty little Nuthatch came by at the same time. I call them “upsidedown birds”. Nature is so wonderous!
    My thoughts have turned to Bob, that beautiful sensitive man. Oh, how I miss his smile and gentle ways.

  6. Diana Buczkowski says:

    The prayers will continue and hopefully the progress will as well. Thanks so much for the updates – I have been waiting for this one!

  7. Bliss says:

    As my husband Bill has said, Sand Lake is so peaceful at the moment and the birds are having a wonderful time at the feeders. It makes me think of a Sunday a few years ago when Bill and I were struggling to put the ladder on the raft (already out in the lake) when we heard a delightful giggle. There were Bob and Darrell gently swinging on our lawn swing watching our ordeal! We both had to laugh and we managed to complete our task with humour because of them. They both always BRING sunshine into our lives and we miss them dearly when they head south in the late summer/early fall. WE KNOW THEY WILL BE BACK TO SALTY DOG ONE DAY TO SIT AND ENJOY THE SUNSETS AND FOR DARRELL TO EXCLAIM AGAIN HOW VERKLEMPT HE GETS WHEN HE COMES OVER THE RISE AND SEES THE BAY OF FUNDY THERE BEFORE HIM.
    We love them both.

  8. Diane and Dick thank you for the updates. I know Darrell is on the mend.last night the PITTSBURGH theater group had dinner and gave a toast and tribute to Darrell and Bob. All were optmistic of a recovery. What joy this news gives me.Mary Ann Snyder from Pittsburgh

  9. Janell says:

    So wonderful to hear good news finally. I’ll keep up the prayers., Such a long road ahead, but I guess you do that one day or hour at a time, like other challenging things. I hope that Bob can find some comfort in the upturn. I can’t imagine how trying this has been on him, Marlene and others of you watching it all happen up close. Thank you for the updates. Many Blessings.

  10. Laurene says:

    This is so great to know Darrell is responding. He and Bob are forever in my prayers. Thanks so much for keeping us updated.

  11. Bill Yenner says:

    I’m so glad to hear that Darrell has taken a turn for much better, my wife and I are sending him good energy. Love to Darrell and Bob, Bill Yenner

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