Marlene & Don

A little bird told me that Marlene and Don Carlson will celebrate their 58th wedding anniversary today. Wow! That is some accomplishment in today’s world. Congratulations Marlene and Don!

I also know that Marlene was one of the five women that were the love of Darrell’s life. He told me many times that his mother and sisters were the very best. While he experienced his fair share of adversity, he felt blessed to have such a great relationship with his mom and siblings. And so my kudos today go to the special ladies that enriched Darrell Gene’s seventy-four-plus years of life.


  1. Bliss says:

    Hello Don and Marlene
    Our very best wishes on your 58th anniversary. What an accomplishment!!!!!
    We hope that you were able to celebrate in some form. You didn’t by any chance go to that restaurant that we went to that had such good calamari!? Whateven you did to celebrate I hope that you were able to have some “sunshine” in the day.
    Love to you both
    Bill and Bliss

  2. Ernie says:

    I’m concerned about Bob. Any word on how he’s doing?

  3. Laurene says:

    What a milestone to reach – Our congratulations and best wishes to you both. I hope you will find some joy in your day. I know Darrell had a great love of his family as we all have of him.
    Please give Bob our best and let us know how he is doing.
    Happy Anniversary!
    Laurene & Al

  4. Mary Ann says:

    Hello Everyone
    Thanks to Diane and Larry, Marlene and Don, Bob is doing well. He says he has been enjoying the love and concern. He also says he is enjoying wonderful food and meals. He, of course, is lonely without Darrell. Bob has read each and every card that arrives by mail for him. He looks forward to receiving the mail and all things considered, he is Ok. Grief is a process and will take time.
    Mary Ann Cram, Tucson

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