Holding His Own

Darrell continues to show that he is ready for the long, tedious journey back to good health. Larry and Diane visited with him on Sunday and reported that he looked well. Darrell was responsive to their requests, showing he had movement in his hands and feet. He was unable to talk because of a tube descending into his mouth. When it is taken out, I will let you know what were Darrell’s first words. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear him vent some frustration for not being able to have the last word over the last two weeks.
While Darrell hasn’t been able to see or hear your recent comments to this Blog, we intend to share them in total during his rehab. Your love and concern for him and Bob, so eloquently stated and so very touching, will be a major factor in his healing process.
I would also like to give a major kudo to my good friend, John Hoyle. He is the administrator for my Website. For the last two days, I have not been able to write a Blog. Even though he is currently on vacation and away from home, he spent several hours to get this Blog up and running again. While John has never met Darrell and Bob, he and his wife, Sharon, have been following their story (John is a survivor of two open-heart surgeries) and they are rooting and praying for Darrell’s full recovery and help for Bob.

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