Helpful Words from Diane

Today was one of those never, ever, want to repeat days as Marlene (Darrell’s sister) and I (a winebird friend) sat and tried to help Darrell’s transition to peace.

While we all struggle for reality; please be reassured, it was a peaceful ending for our friend. He was strong ’til the end, but failing systems prevailed. He slept away in peace as the monitors showed flat lines.
In a moment, life was gone.

We can only reflect on who Darrell was, and how he and Bob impacted our lives…caring, giving, practicing random acts of kindness. Oh that I could give to others as these guys did.

Larry and I were the ones to break the news to Bob….we sat for hours.
Life….so fragile….how can our broken hearts survive?

Darrell wanted no fuss…cremation, no ceremonies…poof, I’m gone.
But Darrell is not a vapor…he has impacted everyone he has known.
Can’t, in every community, we share a cup of coffee, a sip of wine, a group hug, in his memory?

Bob… aching….and of so devastated….. needs support too. We are going to be here…but our hearts ache as much as his.

Won’t everyone…please, tomorrow, go out and do a random act of kindness…in Darrell’s Memory?

May the spirit of Darrell… Gene….never end????

Peace to all,
Diane and Larry


  1. Ken says:

    Broken hearts in Pittsburgh share the grief over Darrell’s passing. God’s love and peace
    for dear Bob durinig this time of excruciating heartbreak.

  2. Doonald & David-Pittsburgh says:

    Heartbroken doesn’t come close to how we feel!!!
    We loved EVERYTHING about Darrell. Our prayers are for and with Bob.

  3. John Hoyle says:

    Sharon and I share your grief over the loss of a dear, dear friend. Our hearts are with you Dick – and all of your wonderful friends that loved Darrell so much.

    May your fond memories of your times with Darrell be with you every day of your life. Please tip a glass for us in his memory.

    John and Sharon Hoyle
    Salem, OR

  4. Dick and diane, thank you for all that you have done to keep us advised. Many in Pittsburgh want to meet for dinner to share memories and tributes to our dear friend Darrell. I request that you keep the blog open for two weeks so we can notify all in Pittsburgh of the date and time of our memorial gathering to celebrate a life well lived and the loss of a friend we loved.MaryAnn Snyder 412.241.2506

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