Help is on the Way

After I saw Darrell yesterday, I talked with Marlene and Darrell’s nephew, Mike. I believe that we have come up with a good plan to help both Darrell and Bob. I will tell you more about it on Friday.
In the meantime, Darrell responded well to a tough-love conversation that I had with him. In subsequent visits from Helen and Bob, and Marlene, Darrell was doing much better.


  1. ernie says:

    Thanks, please keep me informed. Thanks for all you help.

  2. ernie says:

    your help!!!

  3. Ken says:

    Thanks for the report. I hope whatever plan you have will be successful. I know that Marlene has been through a lot with her husband and I know how much you admire
    Darrell and Bob. Unfortunately going in to see him at 9:00 am is unlikely to cut it.
    It has been my experience that doctors do their round VERY early and in order to get
    the straight poop it is necessary to be there when the doctor is there. Nurses are helpful normally but unless you have a special relationship with them they are not likely to give out any information without the doctors sayso. Is there a patient advocate at the hospital? Thanks again for looking after our friends. I will contact Marlene later today.

  4. mary ann snyder says:

    THanks for keeping us updated. Let me know if i can assist in any way.I am sure Darrell will turn a corner and rebound. He is a hardy guy.Bob will do better when darrell improves.Mary Ann

  5. Erika Waalkes says:

    Mr. Darrell sounds like he is doing a little bit better let him know that if he could walk 3 feet just for me that would be awesome. I love getting the updates. Send all my love to Darrell and Bob. Tell Darrell that I miss him and am thinking about him.

  6. Erika Waalkes(Richard Kelly's granddaughter) says:

    I can’t wait to hear the plan let us know soon and I hope it will help

  7. Vivian says:

    Thanks for your care and concern for Darrell and Bob. They have been so helpful to others now we’d like to know how we can help them.

  8. Laurene says:

    Thanks so much for the update. Darrell is strong and we all pray he will rebound – we want and need to hear that. I am awaiting the update tonight. I just want both of them to improve. Please give them both my love. Love to all, Laurene

  9. Diana Buczkowski says:

    Please let Darrell know that I am keeping him in my prayers daily and thinking of him often. I am so disappointed to hear of this latest setback and pray that he starts to turn the corner back to health. He is a very special man. Diana

  10. Kathi & Ron Miller says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Darrell and Bob. Thanks so very much for the continuous update. Darrell and Bob have been friends of ours for years and we pray that the Man upstairs will do all in His almighty power to help them both get over this unforeseen hurdle.

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