Day Twelve for Darrell

Darrell continues to improve and was moved from Intensive Care at 9:00 PM last night. When I saw him yesterday, he told me that it was his best day at the hospital. I will visit him today and give you an update.
During my visit with Darrell on Friday, I talked with his doctor and nurse. They were both optimistic that the problems that had landed him back in Intensive Care were finally resolved. The doctor also told me that all the tests they had done on Darrell could not detect internal bleeding. That in fact, had only been the doctor’s hypothesis, as so many of Darrell’s symptoms, low blood pressure, dizziness, etc., would normally suggest such a condition.


  1. Vivian says:


    Your good news is the best news for all of us who love you.
    I just want you to know all the happiness you’re wished.


  2. Ken says:

    Good to know there is some improvement. Hope the blood loss situation is resolved.
    A friend of mine who was a patient advocate at a large regional hospital tells me
    that a patient should NOT be move to a half-way or nursing residence untill ALL
    the medical issues have been identified and are being treated.

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