Day Thirteen

Last night Darrell was taken out of Intensive Care and moved to Room 429. And with the help of drugs, he had a good night’s sleep. When I saw him at 9:00 AM this morning, he was still a bit disoriented and searching for words he wanted to use.
I brought with me a blood orange that he requested from the day before. He acknowledged my gift with a big smile and approving eyes. I couldn’t peel it fast enough. After breaking it up into single wedges, he savored each decadently juicy, sweet morsel. He devoured it in less than ten minutes, audibly oohing after every bite. Later, he ate some oatmeal with a bananna, and topped that off by drinking ten ounces of skim milk, a cup of black coffee, and a glass of apple juice. He rejuvenated before my eyes.
He told me that his left foot hurt like hell and asked if I could take his goddamned socks off. With the mission accomplished, you could see instant relief in his eyes.
A nurse stopped in and reported that Darrell was doing well. When I asked about his disorientation, he said it was most likely caused by sleeping pills. Darrell later told me that you can’t believe a f…ing thing that the nurses tell you.
When I asked what I could do for him after being with him for thirty minutes, Darrell said that I should call Marlene, as he wanted to see her and Bob, and so I did.
Darrell must start walking! He has been on his back in a bed for thirteen days. We were told that daily strolls are now critical to his healing process. It was to start yesterday, but it didn’t happen. Today, the nurse seemed surprised to hear that, and assurred us that it would begin today sometime. Hopefully, Darrell’s earlier assessment of the nurse’s skills on breaking promises was a reaction of his disorientation from the drugs of the previous night.


  1. Katrina Kelly says:

    I am glad to hear that Mr. Darrell is somewhat back to his old self. We enjoy the updates on your blogs and say hello to Mr. Darrell for me.

  2. Hannah Kelly says:

    Wow Mr. Darrell is doing great, despite a little confusion, I cant wait to see him again!! Give him my love and and tell him that target has some great socks that he might like!! Glad to see he is doing better, see you all soon


  3. Hi Dick. We are keeping tabs on Darrell via your blog. Thanks so much for providing the info. Darrell is in our thoughts and prayers. He is such a lovely man. We wish him a speedy recovery.

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