Day Ten for Darrell

Day Ten – April 16, 2008
Last night and today were not good for Darrell. While his jaundice is disappearing, he slept poorly and was agitated most of the day. During morning and afternoon visits by Bob, Helen, Diane, and Marlene, Darrell only wanted to sleep. When the nurses came to help him get up for today’s walk, he was light headed and put back in his bed immediately.
We are not certain just what is causing Darrell such discomfort, but the doctors and nurses are doing everything that they can to diagnose and fix the problem. It would also not hurt for those of you who believe in the power of prayer to petition for help.
I would also remind you that all future updates about Darrell will be found on this Blog. You can access it by going to
Grateful for your prayers and best wishes,
Dick Kelly

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