Day Nineteen

It is early Friday morning, and I am writing this Blog from my son’s home in Houston. Hopefully, by the end of the day, I will be able to give you an update and good news on Darrell’s progress. Unfortunately, late Tuesday evening Darrell’s white blood cell count accelerated and his heart beat increased dramatically. An infection was identified, anit-biodics administered, and by Thursday, he was doing much better. Darrell’s nephew, Mike, arrived in Tucson early Wednesday evening and is doing a great job in helping to organize help for both Darrell and Bob.


  1. Kathi & Ron Miller says:

    I’m Ron the other half of Kathi and Ron whom have known Darrell & Bob for many years (25) in Pgh., Tucson & Nova Scotia.

    We now live in central Florida and my wife just left this AM to go to Baltimore to be with with our youngest daughter, who is expecting her second child.

    Our thoughts and prayers are always with Darrell and Bob, we thank you for this “Blog info sheet” as it keeps all of us “distant friends” up to date a couple times a week. It also eliminates the phone call sessions that I’m sure would be numerous as Darrell and Bob have many many friends that love them dearly.

    I know that Bob does not handle situtations like this very well and he is not a young man anymore either. He took care of his mom for a period of time whom I believe died of Altszimers but I,m not sure. This fact has to be on his mind as he tries to do his everyday things out there for himself and Darrell.

    As always we will stay in the loop for as long as we need to and will continually look for some improvement in Darrell’s condition. Thank you for passing along this information to all of us! Only the Lord knows what the outcome will be.

    Another Darrell & Bob friend,

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