Day Fifteen

Darrell’s vital signs continue to indicate that he is on the mend. But he is still way too tired when we visit him for me to be comfortable. It’s like he can never get enough sleep, he is disoriented at times, and watches TV constantly. I wish I could tell you some great news, but we love Darrell like you do, and I can’t tell a lie.
Helen and I plan to visit with him tomorrow and we’ll try to give him a bit of tough love. Then we are off to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where we spend six months out of the year. We leave on Wednesday, and while I may not be able to report Darrell’s progress daily, I will keep you informed.


  1. Cuz Marchia says:

    If it weren’t for YOU I would have known nothing until Cuz Gene
    was operational again; HE’S the cousin who keeps in touch.
    Yes, he may require tough love to stir his stumps. Ding dong
    him to do what he must…
    Try this: (if you haven’t already) Have him tell you what he would be saying to
    others if he was visiting and encouraging THEM to get well!!!
    Hello from his Aunt Margret..she’s o.k.
    I appreciate your efforts on our behalf (behalves?)

  2. Ken says:

    Thanks again for the updates. Talked briefly with Bob yesterday and asked him if it is OK to call Darrell at the hospital. He wasn’t sure. What do you think??

    Have a good summer in MI. Say hello to my relatives in Celine.

  3. Dean S C Williams says:


    I am a former business associate of Darrell’s living in Pittsburgh. I had quad bypass at age 61 4 years ago. I am concerned that Darrell’s recovery seems to be slow, but saying that, I know how strong he is. I was out of the hospital in 5 days & had no complications. Walking is essential. Get him up & moving & out of the hospital. My stepfather had bypass surgery at age 89 & struggled, but made it through. Cardio rehab is also the key…but all of you know that. Tell him that Pat & I send our love…and expect him to jump up & sing “Back Home In Indiana!” He would do that in the office & everytime, we would fall down on the floor laughing. Also, ask him to tell the “Toothbrush Joke.”

    My surgeon told me to do 3 things for continued health: 1. Exercise vigorously 6 days out of 7, 2. eat no crap, & 3. connect with people. I would add, 4.drink a glass or two of a fine red wine daily [how do I know that Darrell already embraces this?].

    Sounds like he has wonderful friends in Tucson.



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