Darrell is Not Doing Well

I met with Darrell this morning at 9:00 AM and he did not look good. He would stop in mid-sentence, dropping his head like he was going to sleep, only to jerk it back to attention sixty seconds later. He couldn’t explain his erratic behavior, so I talked with his nurse.
She said that Darrell had complained of severe chest pains last night and was given some heavy-duty narcotics. At the moment, he had all the symptoms of a drug overdose. And, the doctor seems to think Darrell has a bowel obstruction and plans to do tests later today.
To make matters worse, Bob is not doing well. His memory skills over the last two days have not been good. We are keeping an eye on things and may have to get him immediate professional help.
Marlene and Helen will be visiting with Darrell later today. This evening we will meet as a group and decide what must be done in the next twenty-four hours to reverse the negative health trends for both Darrell and Bob. We will then call Darrell’s nephew, Mike Anderson, who lives in Chicago, and get his advice.
I am so sorry to report such unpleasant news. However, I want to assure you that we have not given up on Darrell or Bob. They need our help, and we will do the best that we can. Please continue to say your prayers or send your best wishes.


  1. Laurene Fabec says:

    Richard: I am so sorry about what all is going through. I can’t believe things have taken such a turn. I will pray for them both. My love to all of you. Please give Darrell and Bob my thoughts and prayers. I wish I could be there to help.
    Thanks so much for all the updates.
    Love to all, Laurene

  2. Jane says:

    Richard, thank you for all you and everyone there is doing to help Darrell and Bob with such an arduous task of returning to good, strong health.

    Darrell, you are loved in Nova Scotia as you are right across the country. You and Bob are in the hearts of all of us.

    I send my love.

  3. Joyce and Jerry says:

    Please give Bob and Darrell our strength and best wishes. We both hope that Darrell has a speedy recovery soon, and that Bob is feeling better…….our thoughts and prayers are with you!

    luv joyce

  4. Mary Ann says:

    It was so wonderful to chat a bit with Darrell. I hope we soon get some answers on this ever too slow recovery. I’ll be traveling for a week and will return to Tucson the first week of May and again lend a hand wherever needed. Cheers and Hugs to all. Mary Ann

  5. Ken says:


    Sorry to get bad news after yesterdays upbeat. Not being there to see what is going on makes it diffficult here to understand why the doctors don’t seem to have a clue
    about what is really going on. Maybe it’s not to late to have second or third opinions.
    Another diagnostician might see something others are missing. This is most distressing
    to learn and to be so helpless. I’m sure it has been extremely hard for you and the others in AZ.

    It is becoming imperative that a new approach is needed here before it is too late. No
    doctor is infallable and some are VERY reluctant to admit it. A few years ago a very good
    friend here in PA was caring for his partner who was not doing well with a physician that had treated him for years. On his own he took him to another physician who had
    a completely different diagnosis and successfully restored his health.

    My own mother had been treated for years also by a family physician and also was not doing well until she had to be hospitalized. It was there at the hospital that I insisted
    another doctor examine her. He confirmed the diagnosis but changed her medication
    and treatment which added years to her life.

    Are Darrell’s doctors in Pittsburgh being consulted at all??? A lifeflight to the Pittsburgh
    medical centers might be considered.

    May I have Marlene’s Email address??

  6. Bruce, Wendy, Matthew and Ali Kearnes says:

    Dear Dick,

    Thank you so very much for helping to keep Darrell and Bob’s extended family ‘in touch’.

    We met Darrell and Bob during the time they purchased a sea side home in Nova Scotia. They quickly became an important part of our extended family! Darrell and Bob shared many important, loving moments with our family, and we love them. Our children have been forever mentored by both of Darrell and Bob! I thank them for this gift. Their love for our family, has been unconditional.

    We hold both Darrell and Bob in loving light, and wish peace for both of them.

    With our love, and forever peace,

    The Kearnes Family


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