Darrell Gene Miller

I have a very good friend, Darrell Gene Miller, who had open-heart surgery and a quadruple bypass on April 7, 2008. It is Day Ten in his recovery process at the Tucson Medical Center and I will now write a daily blog reporting his progess. But before that, I will copy emails that I sent to Darrell’s friends and family. The following is for Day Nine:
Darrell Miller – Day Nine, April 15, 2008
Darrell’s sister, Marlene, called early this afternoon to tell me that she and Bob had a very pleasant visit with Darrell this morning. In her opinion, Darrell looked very good and she could not see any evidence of jaundice. So hopefully that is a good sign that his new meds are working. She was particularly pleased to see Darrell venting his frustrations. Or put another way, aggressively bitching at the nurses. As you know, squeaky wheels get the grease. Bob also seemed pleased about it, commenting “better them, than me.”
The only negative that Marlene mentioned about Darrell is that while he is now taking short walks, he gets tired and out of breath very quickly. However, once he is in Rehab, which should occur in a few days, the nurses hope that Darrell can rapidly increase his stamina.
Plans are for Diane and Bob to visit Darrell this afternoon at the hospital. When they are through, Diane will drop Bob off at our house and he will join Helen and me for dinner. We hope that having supper on our patio, located on Ridge’s fifth fairway on the world famous La Paloma Golf Course, will lift Bob’s spirits and assure us that he had at least one good meal for the day. Helen is preparing one of Bob’s favorites, “Chunky Chipotle Pork Tenderloin Chili over Wild Rice” and other good fixins. And of course, we will share a few glasses of wine, toasting Darrell back to good health.

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