Back In Intensive Care

Darrell was just admitted into Intensive Care and is now on intravenous feeding and forced oxygen. It was suspected that he had a stroke. The next two days will be critical.


  1. Laurene says:

    I am so sorry to hear this. It seems like his health has gone from bad to worse. I truly hope they are wrong about the stroke. Please give Darrell our love. I am so very sad. I await the next update. Thanks so much for keeping us updated.
    Love, Laurene

  2. mur says:

    We have just returned from a conference where the main focus was giving and philantrophy. Darrell Gene Miller personifies the meaning of philantrophy to me. Over the years he has given each of us pieces of himself which have made us richer, sweeter and funnier. Now we must give back pieces of ourselves to try to make him whole again. He seems to be without resources and strength and it is our turn to think of personal ways to fortify him whether it is by prayer or strong thoughts or just mentally holding his hand.

    ~ Mur

  3. Julie says:

    I am heart sick to hear of Darrell’s turn for the worse. He and Bob have been my next door neighbors in their Pittsburgh home for the last 5 years. They have been so nice to me. I do pray that Darrell with pull through and that Bob will be able to think straight again. Even though I only see Darrell a few tiimes every year, I look forward to his coming home to Pittsburgh. He has spread his kindness and generosity every where he can.

  4. Kara says:

    I am worried about Darrell and Bob. Please let me know how Bob is doing.

  5. I am also saddened to hear of Darrell’s current medical condition. My mom was a juvenile diabetic.I am just as concerned about the wound on hs foot as I am about the stroke.LET ME KNOW WHAT I CAN DO TO
    HELP. For now I offer my prayers. Thank you for the updates.Mary Ann Snyder PS MY MOM CAME THRU A LOT OF SERIOUS MEDICAL CONDITIONS INCLUDING A STROKE.But I also changed her docters a few times.Unfortunately you have to be your own advocate.

  6. Joyce & Bill says:

    Bill and I were saddened to hear that Darrell is doing so poorly. We were hoping that he would not have any com-plications. One never knows in life how things fall into place. We will keep him in our prayers.

  7. Miriam says:

    Darrell has been a wonderful friend for so many years, I have come to think of him as invincible. He and Bob are always so generous to their many friends and family. This is just an unbelievable situation.

  8. Maryel says:

    Darrell was like a big brother to me, one I never had in life. He and Bob came to my parents’ bed and breakfast in Nova Scotia one summer and that was the beginning of a wonderful relationship. I only ever saw them in the summers in Nova Scotia, first of all at Cherryhill B&B, then in their wonderful home by the Bay of Fundy. Every meeting was a renewal, taking up where we had left off. May Darrell experience a renewal of life and pull through this health problem. My love to both Bob and Darrell.

  9. Mary Ann Cram says:

    Thanks Dick and Helen for this sad update. I am in Seattle at my daughters home. I did receive a phone message from Diane. I’ll be returning to Tucson this coming weekend and will immediately be as helpful as possible with Diane and Larry and Bob. I am going to phone Marlene also. I know we are all hoping and praying in our own individual way that Darrell can gain strength and fight this. Hugs and Love to you both as you travel.

  10. Diane says:

    Love To All of Darrell’s Family and Extended Family of Close Friends,

    Today is Monday 4/28 and as I visited Darrell, I reflected on evening #1, when the machine was doing the breathing; multiiple pumps running , and today, now, three weeks later, an added feeding tube providing nourishment. I believe the next few days will be the determination of what lies ahead. Current findings are: no new stroke; perhaps a TIA left residual scarring perhaps years ago. They have Darrell intensely sedated, who would want to remember any of this???

    It breaks my heart to see Bob at Darrell’s bedside….he gently strokes Darrell’s arm as tears well in his eyes. I posed the question if he would be able to say ” it’s okay to go”…. the answer is ” I don’t want to lose him”…. do any of us??

    Our friend Darrell is struggling, as equally, is our friend Bob. Please continue prayers, well wishes, good karma… whatever positivism you can offer. To say Bob is devastated is a gross understatement… I just want to embrace him with the reassurance all will be well. At this point, we don’t know that…..and if everyone out there just doesn’t go hug someone that matters….shame!

    Darrell is all about caring. He is being cared for medically…. only you readers can move his caring on to others. My hugs to all the readers of this posting. Diane

  11. Kristine Edwardson says:

    Uncle Gene, you are in my prayers for God to work miraculous recovery and healing in your body. I was unaware of your illness until recently so forgive me for not checking in on and sending my prayers sooner to you. The Miller’s have been struck with quite a bit of health stuff lately but I believe that regardless of diagnosis’ etc. you are an amazing family of whom I have been completely blessed to have been born into. Let’s just continue to love the Lord and trust in Him always, ok! Get well soon!!! My love always, Kristine (from Seattle)!!!

  12. Julia Darrell’s neghbor in Pittsburgh. Do you have a key to the Pitt condo at hidden valley? Darrell’s sister needs paperwork. Dick Strojen a friend in Pitt is trying to gain access to get the papers for marlene. Mary Ann Snyder 412 241 2506

  13. Julie says:

    I don’t have a key. Please call me if there is any thing I can do to help. 412-260-8511 cell.

  14. Julie says:

    PS Someone, please give Bob a big hug from me and tell him I am praying for both he and Darrell.

  15. Bill says:

    I feel so helpless, waiting, here in Nova Scotia, to hear the latest word on our dear friend. I don’t want to imagine there being no Darrell.

    Where there is life there is hope…and I’m hoping.

    I will light a candle right now… for you Darrell.

  16. Bliss says:

    Dear Darrell
    This is my Hug to you! You are constantly on my mind and if positive thoughts do any good, you will be making the turn to good health any time soon!
    You and Bob are my family, as “the pretty one” has already said. You are both the brothers we never had growing up.
    I proudly tell folk that it is because of my Mother that you now have a home in Nova Scotia. How fateful that day was when you and Bob started looking for a place to stay and you found Cherry Hill B&B and my Mother Hilda. The rest is history!
    Bill did go light those candles and I will relight them when it is needed.
    My love to you both.

  17. Janell says:

    Like everyone, Darrell is on my mind much of the day. I try to send positive energy his way. It does feel helpless to be so far away.
    Hugs and strength to Bob and all of his family.

  18. Jane says:

    What a large and loving community there is of people touched by the kindness and generosity of Darrell and Bob. I recall how deeply saddened Darrell especially always was at the illness or loss of anyone he loved. He would recognize himself in all of us now as we feel so deeply for him and for what he is enduring. And, while many of us have never met one another, we have likely heard tell of each other from Darrell. So, we remain a community of love, support and hope for Darrell and for Bob. Strength in numbers.

    My love to you, Darrell.
    My love to you, Bob.


  19. Bruce, Wendy, Matthew and Ali Kearnes says:

    Our love, and wishes for your peace, Darrell and Bob,

    All ways,

    Bruce, Wendy, Matt and Ali


  20. Diane says:

    4/29/08 Greetings Dick and Caring Family, Friends….
    Dick, is there any way you can copy this and make it into a blog for 4/30? or perhaps make a synopsis of it???

    It is now day 22 post-op, and the struggle continues for all. We have multiple medical opinions…with the cardiologist saying he expects a rebound; the pulmonologist saying ” this is the third time he’s been in Intensive care”….he has a hard time breathing on his own. There probably are 5 to 7 doctors on the case………every which one is of a different opinion.
    we’ve asked for a team conference. They need to address the quality of life beyond, and how long it will take to get there.

    What I see….is not Darrell. I see a man on machines and so many IV’s that it takes three sets of pumps including blood transfusion to sustain existence. We need to pray for a miracle………….and if Darrell makes it…there needs to be a celebration in Tucson, Pittsburgh and Nove Scotia.

    Please love Bob… it is so sad to watch as Bob sees the gravity of the situation.

    How fragile is life???? No matter what gains we have made , material or financial….nothing surpasses family, friendship and the fact we made life better by being here. Isn’t Darrell all about loving and giving?

    Darrell doesn’t want any observances when he leaves us…… again in keeping with his benevolent, behind the scene contribution he has always made, Do we need to listen to Darrell??? Each place of residence needs to have a pot luck, BYOB, celebration of life. Darrell….I pray I am way out of line in thinking this will come soon.

    We all love you…………………………………………………….

    Diane & Larry

  21. Kara says:

    Oh jeez, please keep us posted. Deb Dale called me last week and told me that Bob was in some beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. Is that true?


  22. Diana Buczkowski says:

    I continue to pray for Darrell’s recovery. He is such an amazing person – he has left such a lasting impression on every life he has touched. If anyone can rebound from this, I do believe it to be him.

    My prayers are also with Bob and Darrell’s entire family – may peace find you.

  23. Carol says:

    Our thoughts are with you, Bob and Darrell. This is a difficult time for you both, and for the many folks who love you.

    Over the next few hours/days those of you in Tucson may be faced with some very difficult decisions. While we can only send our love and best wishes from Nova Scotia, you will need to search deep for the right answers. With the love you have shown to both Darrell and Bob and the effort you have all made to see that those who care have been kept informed, I trust the choices you make will be the right ones.

    My heart goes out to you all……..Carol

  24. Bliss says:

    I have lit my candle again today. It is burning brightly for both Darrell and Bob.

  25. Diane: thank you for the updates. As i recall you are in the medical field.It is a deep sadness I feel. But i have hope that Darrell’s love of life and fiesty disposition will pull him through. Please continue the updates. We all love darrell and bob. Laureen pls leave your number on the blog. Mary ann snyder

  26. Darlene says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Darrell and Bob. May God hold them both in the palm of his hand and keep them in His mercy

  27. Kathy & Gord says:

    I read all of the above with dismay and sadness. It is so hard to imagine Darrell in such a condition. He is forever in my mind as lsuch a lover of life; laughing and smiling his enigmatic smile. We are both praying here for his recovery. His light isn’t ready to go out yet. Our thoughts and hearts are with Bob. They are forever linked in our minds. Hopefully Bob and Darrell will feel the love, concern,caring and prayers that are being sent their way. I want to firmly believe that we will see them both this summer in Nova Scotia.

  28. Ellen says:

    My thoughts have been with Darrell and Bob and I pray for the day that we can see Darrrell’s beautiful smile and hear his laugh again. Please give him a kiss for me.

  29. Jim Bent says:

    This all seems a very bad dream. Darrell going for surgury for what usually is routine heart repair and now all this! It’s difficult to be sure of anything today I think. The energies being sent to Tucson from Canada are truly heartfelt as there is so little we can do at this stage…for Darrell and of course for Bob as well.

    Darrell and Bob have always shared fully with the Nova Scotia experience and have made many friends in Canada. All those people, I am sure, who are aware of Darrell’s plight are thinking of him and holding him up for prayer and blessedness.

    I will do no less.


  30. Paula Dallas says:

    When my grandmother was ill (at 93) there were several doctors involved in her care. The family was getting conflicting information and diagnosis. My sister, who is a nurse, called for a “family conference” to include all of the doctors involved in her care. By the time they came to the meeting there was a coherent plan of action developed. Today she is still with us at 95. I agree with Mary Ann, you need to be your own best advocate.

    I will continue to pray…Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

  31. Kara says:

    Please let Bob and Darrel know that I am with always.


  32. John Hoyle says:

    I’ve been following your news and all of the comments from your friends about the condition of your friend Darrell.

    Even though we do not know Darrell and Bob personally, we can tell from your loving comments and concern for both of them, that they are quality people and loyal friends.

    We just wanted you to know that Sharon and I are, in our own way, praying for Darrell to win his fight for life. We sincerely hope that you all can be together again and enjoying his company and conversation.

    Our love – and tears,

    John and Sharon
    Salem, OR

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