Approaching the Third Week

Tomorrow, Darrell will be in the hospital for three weeks. While I have no good news about a quick recovery, his doctors are optimistic that he will pull through this ordeal, but it will be a slow process. Darrell’s health has been on the decline over the last two years, so it wasn’t just a matter of getting his heart back to good health.  One area of concern was a large ulcer on his left foot that has been addressed, albeit only two days ago. He still has an irregular heart beat, minor liver problems, anemia, some lingering infection, and diabetes, which have all contributed to a slow recovery.

For those of you living in Tucson (Kara, Mary Ann Cram, Suzanne & Richard Clark, Cheryl Brown, etc.), you can visit him at room 429, and help him eat his meals. At the moment, he is very weak. Getting a glass of water to his mouth is a major challenge. Our immediate goal is to have him sit up in a chair. Then it will be to walk a short distance. That accomplished, it will be rehab at a half-way house. However, first things first.

Darrell’s nephew, Mike Anderson, left Tucson on Saturday. But not before putting Darrell and Bob’s financial and record keeping matters into order. In fact, Mike told Darrell that one of the reasons he wanted to have him get better was so that he could eventually kick him in the butt, and Darrell duly acknowledged his transgression. Darrell’s record keeping skills have been terrible over the last year. Mike also had the where-with-all to isolate and prioritize critical health issues for both Darrell and Bob.

Under the stress of Darrell’s problems, Bob’s short-term memory skills have evaporated. While he may have visited with Darrell at the hospital two times during a specific day, he cannot remember a thing. When you call Bob on the phone, it can be very stressful. However, he really appreciates and gets great comfort from your cards, particularly the humorous ones. So keep them coming.

Helen and I are still in Houston visiting with our son and his family. We will travel from Houston to Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Monday. If all goes well, I will give you an update on Darrell and Bob on Tuesday.


  1. Jim Bent says:

    Thanks, Richard for all the valuable info on Darrell and Bob. Wow! I guess when Darrell is ill…he really gets sick!

    ‘Darrell, very slightlyone day, alluded to Bob’s vague memory when we were talking.
    I understand that Bob nursed and cared for his Mother for a few years who dealt with with Alzheimer’s dementia. So life goes on.

    Thanks again for up dating all of us through the blog.

    (I met you one time at your dinner party. D and B brought me with them. Also I have met you and your wife in Port Lorne, NS whilst visiting the guys.

    Kind Regards,

    Jim N. Bent

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