Having Trouble with the Website Format?

Are you having a problem with the format for this website?

When I arrived at our Tucson home and started using our one-year-old Dell computer, I was getting some strange configurations of the site on my monitor and it was difficult to move around within the site. Not being an expert in these matters, I turned to my computer guru, John “fix-it man” Hoyle. He told me that I needed to use Firefox or upgrade from IE6 to IE7. “What’s the easiest for a non technical person?” I asked.

He said the upgrade to IE7 is easy and free. So that’s what I did and I no longer have the problem.


  1. John Hoyle says:

    I would strongly recommend that anyone still using IE6 upgrade to IE7. Vista, the new Microsoft operating system, already comes with IE7. Windows XP was originally shipped with IE6, but has a free upgrade that will update the browser to IE7. Once you complete the download, Windows will update itself more or less automatically.

    IE6 is simply out of date and can not compete with IE7, Firefox, Opera, or even the Windows version of Safari (the Apple Mac browser). IE6 also has many security holes that make it a much easier target for browser based viruses and spam attacks.

    Firefox (by Mozilla) is a free alternative to Internet Explorer. For the most part, I like it a lot except for its rendering of non-default text styles. IE7 and Safari provide the most appealing screen views and they render textual styles and fonts very nicely.

    IE6 is fine for most websites that do not have advanced design features. But for more advanced designs, like Dick’s website, which is heavy on background graphics and specialty programming (wait until you see his future audio and visual upgrades!), IE6 and AOL.com’s basic browser are disasters.

  2. Richard E. Kelly says:

    John, thank you so much for your response. As you know, I’m not a computer whiz, a bit illiterate I must confess, and yet your explanation was something even I could understand. If I ever accused you of being a storehouse of useless information, I take it all back.

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