Rolling Down Black Stockings

41pgf8abp-l__sl500_aa240_.jpgTwo weeks ago, I read Esther Royer Ayers’ memoir about growing up in a religious cult – Old Order Mennonites. While she was exposed to much different dogma and rules as a child and during our teenage years, I was struck by how much we had in common, having to live under the control of a cult mentality. If you enjoyed reading “Growing Up in Mama’s Club”, I think you will enjoy reading her book. Please note the following review that I posted on

“How could you not fall in love with Esther Royer Ayers after reading her stirring life story in ‘Rolling Down Black Stockings?’ I know that my wife and I did. Perhaps it’s because Esther and I had strong, dominant mothers who chose non-mainstream religious beliefs and practices over common sense to raise their children. Maybe it’s due to the ghosts that haunted both of our adult lives because of how fear trumped love in our parent’s decision making skills while we were growing up. Then again, it may be that as an author, I especially enjoy writers with a gift for words, engaging their readers with eloquent prose, poignant metaphors, and down-to-earth analogies.”

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