Bookclub in a Bag

I just recently learned about an interesting program called Bookclub in a Bag sponsored by the KDL (Kent District Library) here in west Michigan. Here’s how it works.

I provide 12 copies of  Growing Up In Mama’s Club – A Childhood Perspective of Jehovah’s Witnesses to the  library. I also give them my bio and a study guide of thought provoking questions related to the book. Book clubs and small groups check out the book, bio, and discussion questions, and well, you know the rest. Unlike studying one of the Club’s publications, there are no right or wrong answers. The questions are designed to stimulate healthy dialogue, helping the reader make the book read a more meaningful experience.

I haven’t put together my list of questions for Mama’s Club yet. But I’m thinking about it. Perhaps some good questions to ask would be: What was Mama’s state of mind when someone from the Club first knocked on her door? What would you have advised her to do had you been asked to help? Why do you think people like Stuart Sanders, Lena Edwards, and Papa were attracted to the Club? How is the memorial of Christ’s death celebrated differently by the Club? What was the Club able to do for Mama that other religions couldn’t? Why do members of the Club believe they are the only religious group that has ”the truth?” Why couldn’t Dickie believe it? How was he able to cope with a situation he had no control over? What made him decide to finally leave the Club? How did his two-year Bethel (the Club’s headquarters) experience help him? Do you believe the author is still angry from his 16-year experience with the Club? If not, why? What advice would you give parents after reading the book?   


  1. Emil Marx says:


    I’m enjoying your blog. This “Bookclub in a Bag” is of interest. Could something like this be arranged for a group in Denver? Let me know.

    Things in Denver are fine. Lisa is currently in New Hampshire visiting grandkids.

    We did get together with Barbara recently. We were going to go to a movie but switched over to a protest rally for single-payer health care. Then we went out to dinner. Very enjoyable.

    Hi to Helen!



  2. Richard Kelly says:

    Emil, I will check it out from my end. Can you ask your local librarian if they have a similar program in Denver? In the meantime, Helen and I leave Grand Rapids on Wednesday, October 17 and will spend four days in Houston with Keith and his family, before arriving in Tucson on October 23. Give my best to Lisa and Barbara and their protest cause. Did it help?

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