An Email from a Friend

I had the great pleasure of receiving an email from a former neighbor and long-time friend, Susan Lamos. She is the Director of Life Enrichment, bus driver, confidant, cheer leader, and persona extraordinaire for senior citizens living at Crystal Springs, a West Michigan LifeHouse Retirement property. She reported to me that as a Christian, wife, and mother of two college aged sons, she wanted me to know how much she enjoyed reading Growing Up In Mama’s Club. Some of her excerpted comments are as follows:

“Dick, I’ve always thought you would be good at whatever you put your mind to, but your writing skills of putting me right there alongside you as that small boy—well, that took talent. It was amazing how you taunted my emotions, from smiles… to sorrow… to anger… And finally that jubilant feeling, at least for me, when you came of age and left the religion. That’s when I wept.

“There is so much to the Jehovah’s Witness religion. I never really knew much about them and how they got started. Now, I wonder about other religions. Just what is historically behind them?

“I can’t wait for the sequel. Honestly, the next book cannot come out soon enough. And knowing you, the next one will surpass the first. Kudos and applause, friend.”

Susan also asked me to meet with several of the book clubs in her retirement community to review my book in the spring of 2008. I, of course, said “yes.” I always enjoy and am amazed by the questions and comments that people have after reading my book.

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