A Third Printing of Mama’s Club

Shortly before leaving Grand Rapids to head for our winter home in Tucson, I started thinking about the third printing of Growing Up In Mama’s Club which I would have to do before the year was out. And because I’m still big into ”continuous improvement,” I thought about ways to improve the book.

It’s then that I received the following Michele DeVoe Lussky review: “Kelly’s book is an amazing glimpse into the Jehovah’s Witness sub-culture as well as a touching coming-of-age tale. It was at times disturbing, saddening, and hilarious — it was always enlightening — and in the end it proved to be uplifting.”

Knowing that Michele was a freelance writing consultant and author of the well-written, touching poem to my daughter, Kim, on her 40th birthday, I asked if she’d be willing to give me some critique to make the third printing of Mama’s Club even better. She liked the idea.

After some nice perfunctory comments about the book, she got right down to business. As a result of her advice, I have decided that I will get rid of the excessive use of italics. Instead, a Glossary of Club Words & Jargon will be added to the back of the book. There will be an Epilogue. I will share more sensory details and memorabilia for the time I lived in Nebraska and at Bethel. I’ve improved the dialogue to make it more genuine. I’ve added more Club history. The reader will learn more about Helen and our five-year-writing courtship. And I’ve added an interesting conversion story about Johnny Morrow and his family. This new, third edition will be available in January.

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