Marilyn’s Story

Marilyn at 25

I am often asked why I write Mama’s Club books and why most of my modern-day heroes are ex-JW-internet vigilantes who aggressively expose the unjust policies of the Watchtower Society. The answer is deeply rooted in Marilyn’s Story.

First published in The Ghosts from Mama’s Club, I have rewritten and adapted it to a blog format so that more people can read her story. The latest version, a four-part series can be accessed at:

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Are There Forgeries in the Bible?

Ancient Bible translators often made changes based on the theology of their time

There is little doubt among reputable Bible scholars that the Bible, a book purported to contain “eternal truths,” was actually authored by men who did not always tell the truth. Let me offer some examples: (A version of this article has also been posted on I suggest that you check it out there as well. You will also note on the site that I have posted other articles as well.)

  • Scholars know that Moses did not write the first five books of the Bible, but that’s what is recorded in the Bible.
  • We also know that Daniel didn’t write the book bearing his name. Nor was it written at the time and place the author claimed.
  • Solomon didn’t write Ecclesiastes. In fact, whoever actually wrote the book did it 600 years after he claimed to have written it.

In the New Testament (the “Greek Scriptures”) we also know:

  • The “three letters” known as 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus were credited as written by the Apostle Paul. Reviewing the evidence, we know that is not the case. Bible scholars also know that Paul did not write 1 Corinthians 14:34-35.

So why would the actual writer want us to think he was Paul? How do we know it wasn’t Paul? [Read more...]

The Hebrew Bible–It’s Not What You Think It Is

The Hebrew Bible

What most people know about the Old Testament—the Hebrew Bible—is not so. They know much that ain’t so because they live in a world in which references to it are many, giving them a false sense of familiarity. And, they also know too little because more often than not, they allow others to read it for them through the filtering lens of a specific theology, creating many misconceptions.

The Hebrew Bible is not a book. It wasn’t produced by a single author in one time and place. It’s a small library of books composed and edited over a thousand years by people responding to a wide range of issues and historical circumstances. Because it’s not a book (the name “Bible” comes from the plural Greek form ta biblia, meaning “the books“), it does not have a uniform style or message. [Read more...]

Modern-Day Truth-Seeking Internet Vigilantes

The Internet Vigilantes

My mother believes she found the truth when one of Jehovah’s Witnesses knocked on her door, thinking that that knock and the subsequent message was God’s response to her prayers. Unfortunately for her, I could never believe that intellectual certainty about God, life-after-death and how to please God—the truth—was within the reach of any human being. My mantra was that it’s cool to look for the truth, but to avoid people who find it. Faith and reality are two totally different experiences.

My beliefs about Mama’s truth have put me at odds with her and other JW family members and I’m shunned because of that. However, I’m not alone. I am a member of an active, conscientious group of people, modern-day vigilantes, who are using the internet to make people aware of the dangers of  “JW truth” like shunning. Our goal is to take the Watchtower Society to task for its bad information and unjust policies, especially those related toward women and children. [Read more...]