Wu Wows at Wanda’s Harvest Moon

Squash Art

It was a great party! One of the most unusual culinary experiences I’ve ever had. And I shared it with fun-loving Tucson transplants from around the world.

The Celebration, at least for me, had its genesis when my friend Charles Hedgepeth announced, “Wanda Zhang is hosting a Man Han Imperial Feast at her Oro Valley Harvest Moon Restaurant on October 7 and I’d like you to join me.” This Feast had its origin in China a long time ago and was known as the grandest of all meals. Originally, it lasted for three days and consisted of over 100 eye-appealing mouth-watering dishes from every region in China. “Wanda will downsize it for Tucson,” Charley said, “but an 8-course meal orchestrated by world-class chef Yongdong (Tony) Wu, should be enough to wow you.”
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Unexpected Propositions

My friend, Rick Cunningham, and me

My friend, Rick Cunningham, recently confessed of his delayed naiveté related to an unexpected pickup—a proposition—which went unnoticed by him for nearly thirty minutes at a Michigan Home Depot.

Rick had been slowly chopping down small trees on land fronting a cabin on Half Moon Lake that he and his wife, Mary, just purchased. He was cutting with a chain saw on life support and three large trees still needed attention. If the job was to be completed in his lifetime, he had to buy a new saw. So he stopped work and headed for the store.

While walking toward the chain saw section in a deserted Home Depot aisle, a heavy-set woman in her late fifties, wearing tight jeans and a t-shirt, smiled at him as they passed and sweetly said, “Hello.”
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Serving Jury Time in Tucson: Drama & Duty


What is it like to serve on a jury in Pima County’s Superior Court? Having just done my duty for the first time, it was the high drama part that surprised me.

My jury experience started with a summons to appear for duty on September 25, but with no time of day given. For that information, I was instructed to login to a Pima Jury Duty Website after 3:30 P.M. the day before my report date.

I reported for duty at the courthouse at 8:30 A.M. and was greeted by a sea of very diverse people. We were all assigned to one of four groups, 45 people per group, and squeezed into a large first-floor room awaiting instructions. Orientation consisted of a well done, 15-minute patriotic video about jury service in Arizona.
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