Rosanne’s Reflections

Several days before Darrell passed away, Rosanne shared the following thoughts with me:

Darrell has touched countless lives, this is a fact.

Always generous, like the stunning bouquets which graced Darrell & Bob’s Nova Scotian home, arranged with love from the bounty of the wilds by Mary Ann
during her visit with dear Miriam.

His friendships are rich like Ken’s pies, warm as was Bill’s choice of appetizer. His spirit, always adventuresome, as the hike taken with Marlene and Don through the vault to The Bay.

These past few weeks, looking out towards the bay, which he and Bob love, watching the sunsets, it is hard not to think of Darrell, who believes, just before the sun dips below the horizon, his mother is sending him a kiss.

Love to all~
Rosanne & Murray and many purrs from our tribe

Reflections from Jim

Thinking about Darrell

A warp and woof is what he owns, this finite wisp a woven rhyme;
This fabric life we chance to share, we weave -
And the product, Him . . .He’s shaped and formed ’til all is milled,
Made strong and fast,
No simple feat.

And a fire burns within his heart, a yearning deep.
Of love I speak, creative urge
And then one day he sees the beam of other light,
Another star and reaches for its beckoning,
However far.

Mur Taylor Remembers Darrell Gene & Bob

We are so, so sad, but are remembering delightful experiences in Nova Scotia and here in N.C. with Bob and Gene. One of my favorites is riding in the back seat with Gene’s sister Jan at night traveling at seeming breakneck speed over the curves and hills of the area near their house in Nova Scotia. Gene and Bob, in the front seat, were listening to Sara Brightman at full volume. Both were dabbing at their eyes as they listened. Occasionally they would look at each other, smile and continue to listen and dab. Sweet.

Thank you to Dick, Marlene and Diane for keeping us in the circle. Now we all turn to Bob with support and love.


Bliss Remembers Darrell & Bob

This is so difficult to write.

After a while of sobbing I said to Bill that I thought I was probably crying for myself as I knew now that Darrell was at peace. Our candle went out this morning.

Bill and I have oh so many wonderful stories and memories of Bob and Darrell’s years here in Nova Scotia. We were so fortunate to be welcomed in a way, into the Miller clan with Bob and Darrell visiting us in Bedford on a number of occassions, then Marlene and Don joining them too and our visits to Tucson to both Marlene and Don and twice to Bob and Darrell’s. But I know that my Mother had a very special bond with both “boys”. She was amazed at Darrell knowing all the words to “Oh Canada”! Not!!!! And her ability to get away with asking Darrell if he had quit smoking and taken up eating doughnuts instead! Mum and Darrell had an amazing trip to Eastern Europe and they remained dear friends!

Bill and I have made so many new friends here because of Bob and Darrell. And I was brought up here!

There are so many things I will miss about Darrell…….need I say more?

And Bob – you are so very special to us. Please don’t forget how much we love you. We really hope that some day you will want to come back to Salty Dog for a visit. We really do!

I have looked at the Bay a number of times today and just get “verklempt”. I will never look at sunsets quite the same again.