Stepping gingerly into the blogging world

The first step was actually writing Growing Up in Mama’s Club – A Childhood Perspective of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The next step was getting Mama’s Club published with the help of friends and some great professionals.

Then, with the help of a few more friends, my website went online.

Now I’ve decided to take the next big step.  Blogging.  I’m not sure I really understand what “blogging” is or how to do it the right way.  But that’s not going to stop me from trying.  I figure that I can only getter better if I keep working on it every day.  So ready or not - here I go!

I’ve decided to use this blog to communicate directly to readers of my book and visitors to my website .  People who are expert at these things tell me that’s the nice thing about blogs.  I can update my readers on what is going on in my life and they can communicate back to me.  They can comment on my articles and provide me with more information.

Everyone is welcome to post comments to my blog postings.  Understand, however, that I will moderate and approve all comments before they are published so that no spam, obscenities, or libelous comments will appear online.  Critiques, updates, and intelligent dialogues are always welcome. 

I am really looking forward to hearing from all my friends and readers of the Second Edition of my book.  I may also open up the blog occasionally to allow guest contributors to submit their essays.  So feel free to contact me and share your ideas.